An Open Letter

“It seemed like all I ever wanted was to prove I was better than the way you treated me. I wanted the satisfaction of knowing that the tables would turn and life would prove you were wrong about me or, at least, I was right to believe in you. I invested so much of my essence into imagining what actions those feelings would produce if they lived in your chest. Could you finally give me the opportunity I had been praying for? So much time wasted on you that I never took the time to examine my heart. The truth is you hurt me. You hurt me more than I wanted to admit. I played tough and wanted to pretend like your words and actions didn’t brand my tough exterior with rejection and bitterness, but the poison seeped in. Now all I can wonder is who I would have been had I never let my expectations distort the reality of who you’ve always been. I see your true colors shining through now and I’ve made the difficult decision to not let them blind me any longer. No, not this time. I will take those colors in with all of their crazy, beautiful, ugly tones because I know the only way forward is to release you so that I can unleash me.”

-Sarah Jakes Roberts

Don’t Settle for Safe